October 6, 2017

Dear Torito agenda visitor,

as you may have noticed, this website has been changed, today. There's no longer an 'agenda of the day' in this frame, but you can easily find it with the green menu, above here.
The 'non regular, incidental events' used to be put in a second column, but that's no longer the case. You now find the incidental events in the same column as the regular ones.

Smartphone users
Those who use a smartphone to access this wesbite, will have already chosen for the 'smartphone' option, at the index page of this agenda, www.torito.nl/agenda.
For them, there's this floating 'Menu for smartphone', in the red field.
Non-smartphone users may accidentally click this 'menu for smartphones', and get a bit confused. If you did, just continue with a click at the menu in green, at the top of the page!

Since almost all data is put at one long page, clicking from one subject to another goes with the speed of light, because no new page has to be loaded.

I hope 'it works' for you. But please inform me about any malfunction or dissatisfaction!
Then I'll now add the updates that I've received from the event organizors in the past week.

Rob Nuijten

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