September 16

, Hotel Arena,  ‘s-Gravesandestraat 51
Agri Dulce
Creativity and poverty: Argentina has both.

A mix of the sweet and sour sides of Argentina.
Main events of the night were a charity concert by electronic tango
band San Telmo Lounge and art from Dutch-Argentinean artist Aimée Zito Lema. It had Argentinean delicatessen, fortune teller  Isabel Capelli and a presentation of the El Desafio Foundation, who wants your help to build a better future for impoverished children in Rosario, Argentina.

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The website of San Telmo Lounge

Earlier recorded videos of San Telmo Lounge at the web:

September 20:
Local Tango dancers Jur (Tangodiep) and Inge (Loca Tango) have danced a few tangos during the concert, quite well appreciated, according to one of my spies.
The event in Amsterdam was not announced as a tangosalon, and that's most likely why few tango other dance fanatics showed up. Not that I have visited the event, but from various visitors I received some comments:
"Many visitors seemed to just pay a short visit, to say hello to a few others and gone they were. But at the start of the concert, people were all the sudden there, although Arena dance hall didn't fill up much."
"Why was there no tango dance salon in the programme (like the other tuesdays in the side room!)?".
"The music was according the bands name, of the genre called 'lounge', which is per definition, calm, cool, but it would sometimes become jazzy".
"No drama, not exciting, but neverteless very pleasent for the ear and a good part of pieces would be danceable enough to be played for a 'neo' tango salon".

Added September 23:
The website of the organisor however, we see more of the guests, sitting around the tables and chatting, with the stage of the band in the background. There would have been at least 150 vistors having had a pleasent and well spent time.

A few days later, September 19, San Telmo Lounge has played in a tango salon of TipoTango, for dancing. We'll soon hear how that went and how the band is recieved by the Tango dancers.

Rob Nuijten, editor



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