False messages published deliberately!
The maker(s) of Facebook page 'Tango Festivals, Marathons and Events Worldwide' tried sabotaging a Tango event.

The facebook page '
Tango Festivals, Marathons and Events worldwide', has spread blunt lies, repeatedly!
The page claims to be published by 
'Carlo Bosse', identity not yet known, and 'Carmen Orima', a gymnast/tanguera.
The makers of the page have been posting the false messages about a presumed cancellation of other peoples Tango event.
The false messages have created a lot of confusion, since they were also sent to the participatiing maestros of the festival and tango emailgroups, with use of the email address carlo.bosse@mail.be
The sender and publisher of the false messages did not listen to warnings about the falseness of the messages, and kept posting them, for months.
The sender and publisher of the false messages has more than 4.100 readers, so, he/she is misleading all of them.
The sender and publisher of the false messages keeps removing the messages from visitors who speak positively about the, yet past, event, that was meant to be sabotaged.
The sender and publisher of the false messages does not respect the Facebook code: not to post misleading messages.

The sender and publisher of the false messages, calling himself 'Carlo Bosse' and ' Carmen Orima'), abused the news about Osvaldo's death to create confusion about the event in which he would appear.

How sick can one be, to use the news of a great dancers death, to try and destroy someone's tango festival?
Because few understand what happened and still happens here, this sick person still has more than 4000 users unaware of the malicious lies published by him.

Who is Carlo Bosse? There's a few people called like that, but sender of the malicious emails and postings probably abuses the name, to hide his true indentity.
The email address
carlo.bosse@mail.be is no longer used. The provider, mail.be, says that a police order is needed to investigate the ex-user of the address.
Below you see a message posted with
Carmen Orima <Carlo.Bosse@mail.be>, but then signed with 'Tom Bocken'.
The email provider says the address Carlo.Bosse@mail.be is no onger in use. A police order is needed to dig up the full identity of the former user of the address.

Please inform yourself about the posted lies below here (screenshot images of the page) and consider proper action against the publishers of 'Tango Festivals, Marathons and Events worldwide'.

What you can do:

- notify Facebook about the messages being misleading and on purpose, sent for months (see the proof below)

- repeatedly post messages with your opinion about the false messages.
- stop using the page for your publicity, since such postings support the page.
- notify others about the posted lies. Send them a link to this page you now read.

Be aware that the perfect condition for the triumph of evil is good people doing nothing.

Thanks for reading
Rob Nuijten
contact:  tango (at) torito . nl
editor of Go Tango World Wide Go Tango Worldwide (www.torito.nl
and the Tango Agenda for the Netherlands (www.torito.nl/agenda)

Below here:
May 26, 2010:
The facebook page 'Tango Festivals, Marathons and Events worldwide'
The positive message (in GREEN) about the festival is about to be removed.
The lie is to be seen at the bottom of this image
(in RED).

May 27, 2010:
various messages about the festival have been removed, as well as the messages warning about the false messages.

The false messages spread via the makers of 'Tango Festivals, Marathons and Events worldwide' were:

(Placed at March 19, 2010) Note that Lin Petersen (of 'La Luna' in Antwerp) 'likes' the message and 'Carlo Bosse' then even claims he received the info from Tristan (the organisor of the festival).

It will be interesting to know, why this Lin Petersen (of tango school 'La Luna', in Antwerp) 'liked' the message.
Lin Petersen has not yet answered repeated requests for some info about the reason for this support.

(Placed at March 29, 2010) Note that Obdulio Ramon Serrano ( singer ) 'likes' the message.

(Placed at April 1st and April 4th, 2010)

Messages quickly removed by publisher (the so called 'Carlo Bosse' or 'Carmen Orima'):

The email sent by 'Carlo Bosse', alias 'Carmen Orima', alias 'Tom Bocken'


[Tango-A] EU-W: Tango Antwerp Festival cancelled

To: tango-a@mit.edu
Subject: [Tango-A] EU-W: Tango Antwerp Festival cancelled
From: Carmen Orima <Carlo.Bosse@mail.be>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 16:36:08 +0100 (CET)
Reply-to: Carmen Orima <Carlo.Bosse@mail.be>
Sender: tango-a-bounces@mit.edu

Dear Tanguero's,

Due to the unexpected and too early death of Osvaldo Zotto, the organization of the Tango Antwerp Festival has decided to cancel their event (end of may) in Osvaldo?s memory.

Please inform all dancers of this.

Tom Bocken