in Eindhoven, 4D festival 2007
Fotograaf Allard van der Hoek

It may have been the too maniest concert in this area (Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Bonn) in a short row, that made less than 100 people come to De Effenaar for the concert of NarcoTango.

It may also be that chill-out music, meant to be played after a night of dancing (as the composer says himself) is not concert music and it doesn't make you start dancing.

The violinist wasn't there and he was indeed missed.


When the lady singer, a new element in the group, only sings texts like lalala, or awahaaa and oeoeoewoeoehoe, it contributes to the idea that NarcoTango sees no mission in waking people up.

But that's just a personal reflection of your editor(who does like to play some of the NarcoTangomusic in the milongas). Best may be that you go visit the webpage with the music of their first and second album, in mp3, Real Audio and Windows Media files

Our photographer, Allard van der Hoek, did enjoy the good atmosphere though, as well as the music of NarcoTango, and, like always, he managed to catch all that in some great photography.

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