-2007 April 6, Tango Dorado, 'Old Places and New Grounds'

Here you find 8 samples of the double CD of Tango Dorado 'Old places and new grounds'
with guest vocalists Sandra Rumolino, José Rivero and Ricardo Prada.
It contains most of the music of the show they've been touring with in the past few months. During the tour they've invited one of the 3 singers mentioned above, by turns. On the CD's you'll find them all back.

Next concerts, with singer José Rivero:
May 12, in Vught, De Speeldoos, 20.30.
May 19, in Waalwijk, De Leest, 20.30.

See 'New Album'.

Christiaan van Hemert: bandoneón, artistic direction, cajob, shaker
Jacqueline Edeling: bandoneón, cumparsa cajon
Alexandre Kanji: violin
Derk Lottman: violin
Margreet Markerink: piano, Fender Rhodes
Eelco van de Meeberg: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Maaike Wierda: double bass

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Dancers in the show:
Moneir Bardai & Marieke Iest

Sandra Rumolino

José Rivero

CD 1: "Old Places"
Recorded November 2006

1. Mala junta

2. Afiches mp3
Vocals: Sandra Rumolino

3. Nostalgias
- Vocals: Sandra Rumolino
4. Ilusión de mi vida
5. Pavadita
6. Balada para mi muerte
- Vocals: Sandra Rumolino

7. Por qué amo a Buenos Aires mp3
- Vocals: Sandra Rumolino

8. Crece desde el pie mp3
- Vocals: Sandra Rumolino
This song starts when you open the website of Tango Dorado mp3

9. Vuelo del moscardon

10. TBC mp3

11. No te aguanto más
12. Champagne tango


CD 2: "New Grounds"
Recorded November 2006

1. Lunfardo

2. Soledad mp3

3. El Entrerriano

4. Regreso al amor/
Vuelvo al sur mp3
- Vocals: José Rivero

5. Berretín

6. Catch me if you can mp3

7. Naima
8. Adiós corazón
- Vocals: Ricardo Prada
9. Warner Brothers cartoon theme

10. Verano mp3
Astor Piazzolla / Christiaan van Hemert. Produced by ACE and Dj Thomas Vahé.

José Rivero was photographed by Rob Nuijten