Benefit Tango event for Buenos Aires

Tangueros for Buenos Aires

Perdizione (movie)
Do you also practise your tangosteps in places where other people expect you to behave like a civilised, normal human being? Of course you do, and so you'll recognize just too well what happens in this short movie that italian tangueros made and like to share with you.
Tip from Robert Madrigal.

Perdizione (ruin, perdition, damnation)
See movie 13 minutes

See what happened with the funds raised by the Luna de Tango benefit 'El Elefante Blanco' in 2006 in Amsterdam, for a help-project in Buenos Aires, in which so many dancers and musicians participated.

Will & Henny of Foundation Luna de Tango took a tour in the Elefante Blanco building in the slumms of the 'ciudad occulta', when they were visiting Buenos Aires.

See & read (if you understand dutch)