_El Dia del Tango, December 11th, birthday of Carlos Gardel

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Carlos Gardel, the most famous tango singer ever, was born on December 11, 1890, as Charles Romuald Gardes.

His grave is still visited daily and December 11 is celebrated as El Dia del Tango, the day of the tango, as if, with him, the tango was born.

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Gardel as Tangodancer

In one of the last movies starring Carlitos Gardel, in "Tango Bar", in a scene of the film he appears dressed with the characteristic suit of the Buenos Aires boys of many years ago: close-fitting checkered trousers, a jacket with braid, a bootee with a small heel ending in a point, neckerchief and a hat in Massera's fashion. And there the handsome boy brought us the gift of a canyengue tango danced by him. And Gardel was a great tango dancer. People didn't know him in that capacity, but in the milieu of his colleagues and friends they knew he was able to translate into tango, also, the resolute swing of his legs, moving them without grotesque boasts, but with the sensitivity of a man that is expert in the simplicity of the rhythmic sense.

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Movie with Gardel
"Cuesta Abajo" (1934)

Black and white, 75 minutes, shot in May 1934 in Astoria-Paramount's studios (New York, USA). Premiere in New York, USA, August 10, 1934 (Campo Amor Theatre) and in Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 5 1934 (Cine Monumental).

"Cuesta abajo" was the best spanish spoken movie produced by Hollywood until then. In that film Gardel sang: "Amores de estudiante", "Por tu boca roja", "Criollita decí que sí", "Cuesta abajo" and "Mi Buenos Aires querido"
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Carlos Gardel singing 'Viejo smoking'
1:41 minutes
Close up, facial expressions well visible.
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Carlos Gardel singing 'Yira, yira' while playing the guitar
2:20 minutes.
One shot.
more guitarplayers in background.
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Carlos Gardel singing 'Mano a mano' while playing the guitar
2:34 minutes
One shot, close up, facial expressions well visible.
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The last moving pictures of Carlos Gardel at the 25th of April 1935 in Hotel Miramar in Venezuela. The last movie made before his death. After this moment only photographs were made before he died in a plane crash in 1935 in Medellín, Colombia. .
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No sound.
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