-February 9, 2007

Carlos Gavito
a selection of videos from the internet

Gavito in the show Tango Forever.
Dancing a 'dramatic' choreography
video 4.41 minutes

These 4 pictures are stills of Carlos Gavito and Maria Plazaola
dancing 'El Ingeniero'
video 3.44 minutes

Tangolesson. '...we dance with the feet...'
video, 6.17 minutes

Tangolesson, Gavito explains what is all about:...make love with the music../...nobody can teach you the feeling.../...don't fake it.
video 4.11

Dancing 'A Evaristo Carriego'
video 5.22 minutes

Gavito & Plazaloa dancing slow, taking lots of time for sensuality
video 2.29 minutes

Dancing a choreography on 'Bordoneo y 900', with slow and very fast pieces.
video 3.30 minutes

Carlos Gavito & Geraldine Rojas, with a sudden (oops) change of the music after 2.22 minute.
video 5.26 minutes

Carlos Gavito died in Buenos Aires July 1st, 2005.