Claudio Gonzalez & Melina Brufman

this couple has not yet visited the Netherlands, but they should, since they are great dancers. They mix classical style of tango with ballet and modern dance.
I (the editor of this website) saw them dance in Brussels, december 2006 in the show Otango. Touched by their immense skill, and the intensity of their dancing, not a dull second in it, pure beauty and power. Lots of women power as well.

Their website
The (beautiful) design using lot's af flash technique may make it load really slow.

Claudio and Melina are no sissies. Both dance violently passionate. They seem equally strong. The role Melina plays in their dancing is not that of a delicate woman being impressed by a man's muscle power or status. She more looks like a strong jungle cat, that may only be impressed by a man who proves to be a good teamplayer.

Give yourself a treat
sit back, click the 6 links to the videos uploaded to YouTube, and enjoy their intense dancing.

Video 1, Berlin 2007
Video 2, CITA 2004
Video 3, CITA 2004
Video 4
Video 5, compilation
Video 6

Claudio and Melina danced in wordfamous shows like 'Tanguera' and 'Forever Tango'.
In the show 'Che Tango' (still on the stages of the Argentinian capital) they are the principal dancers. Melina and Claudio joined the cast of the show 'Otango' in December 2006. Otango will be shown in Belgium again, later this year. However, this time Melina and Claudio will be in Washington DC, to do their own show
(link to the event)
and for these times they will be replaced by Fernando Gracia and Natalia Attori. They dance immensely sharp (and sometimes their moves are so fast that you think there're some images missing in the video!)
See video.
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Rob Nuijten