--Dancing in the music

This edition is about dancing and music. Would there be dancing without music? Everybody may think he dances on the music, but if we watch the average dancer it often looks like only the beat is used and little or nothing is done with the rhythm, the melody, the emotion in the lyrics.
Tango and chaos is an interesting website with lots of experiences written down, illustrated with photographs of dancers, explaining the movements and techniques of various milongueros.

For this edition we choose to link to the pages about music.

I once asked a friend what it was about tango that grabbed him (...). He said, simply, "It's because the music is so powerful."
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Dancing in the music
When people in the milongas talk about a great male dancer they almost always mention the way he uses the music...
Marcar el compas
Milongueros want to feel the woman "marcar el compas" (and the woman should feel the leader's step as well).
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Movement and touch

Sweeping up dancers
In Cencerro, D'Arienzo uses the intensity of the compas to grab the dancers.  His rhythms create a hypnotic effect that can be almost primitive in the way it sweeps up dancers and takes over a milonga.
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Quejas de Bandoneon ("The Complaint of the Bandoneon") is so often used for concursos (dance contests with small monetary prizes) in the barrio clubs
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Emotional fuel
The words add an emotional fuel that every good dancer needs to move well on the floor.  We spent a couple of hours on it… but we'll be paid back in the milongas every time we hear it.
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Links to videos illustrating dancing on music

Pablo & Moira (2)
A demo from the editors' archive was available from friday Dec 1 till sunday Dec 3.

Dancing on the music...
but the movie editor makes it wrong!

by Chicho and Eugenia (Nuevo Tango). See how simple the steps, but how beautiful the movements and how very much into the music they dance in the first 1/3 of this movie. Then the couple is suddenly at another place on the floor, but the music continues. After that, the steps no longer fit the music so well. For an unknown reason the editor has taken out a part of the dance, and slowed down what he put back in!

Dancing on the music
a milonga by Thierry & Verónique (Paris), at the Brussels Tango festival in 2004.
(quicktime movie made by Rob Nuijten)

Javier & Geraldine
dance milonga on Flor de Montserrat.

Javier & Geraldine
dance a tango

A wild milonga
Dany, 'el Flaco', dances a wild milonga with Luna Palacios. Video

The below links may be fun but have little to do with today's theme 'dancing on the music'.

A rarely seen mix: authentic Argentinean Tango showdance on ballroom 'tengo' music.

Strictly Dancing...
movements that seem exchangeable with Tango show dancing.