Tangodancing in the milongas of Buenos Aires


Videos. Videos taken in the Tango dance halls of Buenos Aires. See what an average milonga looks like and how the non- professionals dance their Tango.

El Beso 1.17 minutes

Club Espangol,
short video

Club Espagnol,
10 minutes.
One couple is followed through the whole milonga and so the video shows the whole place, as well as their birthday performance.

Club Espangol,
short video

Los Consegrados
chacarera dancing by visitors.

Glorieta Barrancas
de Belgrano


Gricel, 0.58 minutes

Videos. Of the following dance halls in Buenos Aires we found only videos with performances, by amatures of professionals, but they give an idea of how the place looks.

Salon Canning
group dance performance

La Viruta,
dance demonstration
by various couples

La Viruta,
Latin dance class
for the visitors

La Confiteria Ideal
Osvaldo Zotto y Lorena Ermocida performing

Orquesta Tipica
at the streets of BsAs

Impressions of
Buenos Aires
tangueros' souvenirs, 4.04 minutes
Fast slide show on 'Vuelvo al Sur'.


National Geographic
And still they Tango
5 minute slideshow with comments by the photographer.

Photos of dance halls in Buenos Aires, made by Rob Nuijten in december 2002:

Confiteria Ideal

El beso

Salon Canning

La Trastienda

El beso

Lo de Celia

Niño Bien

Sunderland Club

La Catedral

La Calesita

Porteno y bailarin

Plaza Dorrego

Torquato Tasso

In the movie 'Take the lead' it looks like a dancer played by Antonio Banderas is teaching blacks to dance like whites, saying: "you could be just as good". Questionable scene, put like that, but Banderas plays a danceteacher who gets drop-outs to work on their attitude and makes them believe in theirselves again.

See videoclip
Sex on hardwood

Banderas isn't dancing all that good himself and the dance of the lady is recorded as a show of her nice little behind. A movie in support of the idea of 'the American Dream'.

'Take the lead' will soon be released on DVD.
Info about the movie (in dutch)
Review of the movie
(in Dutch)

Photos of Texel Tango
February 9-10
The Netherlands

TangoMagia festival 2005, in Amsterdam
'Illegal video recordings'.

Rajan(?)'s tango experience with a Tangomagia festival 2005. It starts with his his walk towards the milonga
33 minute video

A 2 minute version of it:
2 minutes