_La Camorra quintet


Amsterdam Oct 14
Quintet La Camorra in Tropentheater

Oct 15 in RASA, Utrecht

Amsterdam concert
Review+photos © Rob Nuijten, for Torito's Tango Agenda

Their entrance with hats and vests put me on the wrong leg first. Astor Piazzolla dressed more modern than his young followers of La Camorra. The violinist could loose the white napkin-size tie, that may only draw the attention away from his excellent play.

Yes, I was impressed by the skill of this quintet and so were most of my friends who attended the concert.

It's easier to critisize, and name wrongdoings, but now I can only say: liked it!
I've seen orchestras wave with CD's during the concert, and sell just a few, but for the 2 latest CD's of this quintet people waited in line, waving their money to spend it on 'Resurreción del Angel' (Piazzolla) and the newest, '12 Postales' (most works written by musicians of La Camorra)

Although so many were rather enthousiastic, not all visitors were. 'Adios Noniño' didn't jerk their tears. And why did the pianist save his Jazzy interpretations for only the last few tangos?
Especially for them, here's a Jazzy piano piece again, played towards the end of the concert...

Listen to the second half of Azul Profundo...