--March 16, 2007

Tango in movies and musicals


Moulin Rouge

Le Tango des Rashevski
dancing Tango when being Jewish

Frida Kahlo
dances an erotic tango with a lady friend

Chicago the movie
Cell block Tango
7.38 minutes
Six 'marry murderesses' explain why their men 'deserved' to die:
"He had it comming, he only had himself to blame".


Assassination Tango
with Robert Duvall and some worldfamous tangodancers. Lousy story, some fine- and some less tastefull dancing.
The best part is the dance of Pablo Veron and Geraldine Rojas, AFTER the movie, in the background of the titles..
trailer video

Scent of a woman
Al Pacino and Gabrielle Anwar.
6.37 minutes
She: "i'm afraid of making a mistake"
Pacino: "No mistakes in the tango, darling, not like in life! Simple, that's what makes the Tango so great. If you make a mistake, get all tangled up, you just Tango on".
video 1
Only the dance:
video 2
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Las luces de Buenos Aires
1931, With Carlos Gardel
8.33 minutes

Anjo's family ball- 1947
'A ball at the Anjo House'
Japanese movie
Dir. Kozaburo Yoshimura ; scr. Kaneto Shindo ; W/ Osamu Tazikawa, Setsuko Hara
A family of noble lineage is stripped of its fortune and titles during the Allied occupation's drive to democratize Japan in the aftermath of its dfeat in WWII. The Anjo family throws one last party the night before vacating their mansion, and family members, guests, and servants all reflect on the changes they see pervading their homeland.

New movie, just released:
'Take the lead'

with Antonio Banderas
video 1
"Dancing is: 2 bodies moving as one"
video 2

"Don't move, unless you feel it...!" commands the teacher her pupil.

Be sure he's feeling it!
His lady teacher feels more than he does, so it looks...

A beginner tanguero on his way to surpise his wife? Yes, that's the story, so romantic...

video clip from Shall we dance...?
Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez.