Outdoor milongas in the Netherlands and Belgium
Summer 2007

Luna de Tango goes 'Tropical'
Luna de Tango and Beach Club 'Tropen aan zee' (at the beach of Bloemendaal) decided to cooperate in the realisation of a few milongas, starting sunday September 30.


Maestro Pupi Castello has passed away, saturday morning, July 21, in Buenos Aires, surrounded by family and friends.
Another giant of the Argentine tango has left us, and we mourn, we grief but also rejoice celebrating the life of a man who gave luster and class to the word 'milonguero.'
Pupi's prime disciple, partner and friend Graciela Gonzalez was at his bedside hours after she returned to Buenos Aires. After a long night, Ernesto Norberto Castello, known by all as Pupi slipped into an eternal rest. And I am very sorry, he was a very good friend of mine.
Maria Teresa Lopez.
Buenos Aires.

Video: Pupi & Graziela dance at a birthday in 1997. (first after 4:30 minutes Pupi and Graziela dance closer to the camera).


Outdoor milongas
Expanded collection


Open Air milonga at festival De Karavaan in Heiloo, with dance class by Ralph and Marjolein and dance performance by Arjan & Marianne
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Maastricht, milonga straattango, August 25, at square opposite cafe Crazy Pie.
Photos 2005


Eindhoven, TipoTango milonga on fridays. Outside or inside depends from the weather.
See photos 2006

'Tango cruise 1'
(at the river Maas), open air milonga on a riverboat.
Photos made by Jaco.
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'Tango cruise 2'
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Amsterdam, TangoTerras salon went outside for one time.
Photos by Allard van der Hoek
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Oosterbeek (close to Arnhem), open air milonga and performance with a horse
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Gouda, outdoor milongas in the garden of museum het Catharina Gasthuis
(still to come, see agenda)
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Deventer, Salon Jozka, July 21 (+August 18).
Dancers enjoying a surprising intermezzo


New photos, from July 19, made by Benita
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, Las Nueve open air milonga, at the Korte Minrebroederstraat, in the old centre of town, behind the city hall. every thursday in summer.

photo © Kurt Renoy
Milongas at square Willibrordus church, KattendijkTango, Tango by Moonlight, De Roma, Draakplaats, Cruise Terminal.
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Den Haag, in the garden of museum Mesdag.
Milonga with live music, July 13, friday.
Photo of garden.


Alkmaar, Waagplein.
Tango Art outdoor milongas on thursdays
See Emil de Jongs' photo page of July 5 


Antwerp, Kattendijksluis. Moonlight milonga of Kattendijktango milonga on tuesdays.
See photo album
From beginnerslesson to demo and tango salon.


Amersfoort, Groenmarkt, milonga on wednesdays July 25, Aug 8+22, Sept 5, 2007
Photos 2006


Rotterdam, outdoor milongas at De Parade. Click picture.


Domburg, open air milongas with concert by Cuarteto Zum, at a festival 'de Schildersweek' (Painters week)
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Amsterdam, TangoTalks open air milonga with dance demonstrations. Photos by Allard van der Hoek.
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Leiden, saturdays in July and August. Outdoor milongas in park De Waterlelie
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Leiden, de Waterlelie 2,
Many photos made by
Bert Verleur (click)