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Pioneers of Tango in the Netherlands (those that were present) at Cómo empezó, in Utrecht:

Petra & Iván, Pol & Martine, Anna & Arjan, Babette & Rob,
(Anne Marie) & Ivo, Martine & Pépé, Margreet & Leon, Marjon & Rob,
Wouter & Martine, Vivianne & Henk, Inez & Rob, Jessica & Mark,
(Gabriëlle &) René, Henk & Miriam., (Patty &) Roland, Wouter (& Esther),
Not present were (and not in the picture are)
Mirta Campos & Lalo Diaz, Eric Jeurissen, Pia Blanco (A'dam),
Marieke van Asperen (Rotterdam), Elke Wong Lun Hing (Arnhem),
'Jopito' (Joop Leertouwer, Groningen, who passed away a few years ago)

photographed by Jan Pieter vd Heuvel
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'Cómo empezó' (written in Dutch) via website
El Gancho

Click here to see photos of the event in Utrecht.