'A writers block'. My favorite cartoon, one of many made for a top management consultancy. Click here to see many.

Images made by Rob Nuijten
Torito PasionArte
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Telephone: 020-6731432
Kamer van Koophandel nr: 34173898
BTW (VAT) number: NL 029084544 B01

Illustrations made in oil, gouache, watercolours, pen and ink, the computer application 'Painter', 'Photoshop', or 'Illustrator'.





Past projects:

- photography for Tango website
- photography in Argentina and Peru

- photography at the Atlantic Ocean from Europe, to Africa and South America
- photography for website of linguistic professors
- photography for website of language school
- photography of tango performers
- photography of flamenco in Sevilla

- Photo stock, work from various excellent photographers
High resolution, for printed media
Low resolution, for webpages / small prints.
Tango Argentino
Italy /

- Photoportraits of artist.
- Photography for a schools website.

NB, new photos have a watermark. Too often photos published here were taken and published elsewhere without permission.

People of the village Todos Sanctos,
Guatemala, in daily dress, tipical for this village.
Serie of slides, including ritual horse race.

Mountains around the Sacred Valley,
north west of Cusco, Peru.

Child in suburb in mountains above
Cusco, Peru.

Valley between Cafayate and Salta,

A walk in the Coloured Mountains.
Purmamarca, Argentina.

Gauchos, festivities on Easter Day.
Quilmes, Argentina.
Horse racing, dancing, rodeo.

Stock photos Tango.
Tangomagia festivals, Orquesta Tango de Astillero, Orquesta Tipica Fernandez Fierro / Orquesta Bajofondo Tango Club / Orquesta Otros Aires / and more

Flamencodancer Belen Maya as teenager,
Seville, Spain.





Photography, logo and poster



Pilar tango singer for commercial


Man from Chiapas, Mexico







Serie of the Valley of the river Dee, Scotland


Serie of a journey to the Greek isle of Tinos.

More photos: posed 

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Recent project:

- website design Tangoschool Rotterdam
  criteria: low budget, simplicity, fast

Past projects:

- website design
- quick delivery website  design
- flyers
- corporate design
- logo
- Website of 'club of ancient automobiles and rallies'
- Restyling website about Argentine Tango.
- Development of new website/portal.
- Design of advertisements at webpages.

Website, part of corporate design


Logo for a service in the field of mental health care


Corporate design. Click to enlarge.


Restyling website for Spanish cultural centre Molinos de Viento, Amsterdam.

Restyled website.

Design of A4 flyer for Spanish cultural centre Molinos de Viento, Amsterdam.


Flyer for Tango benefit event.
Size A5.
Side A (blue) and B (brown-purple) are here put on top of eachother).


Logo for 'tangoX4' an event in Amsterdam with 4 dancers.
(The weapon of Amsterdam contains 3 crosses, vertical).


Flyer Don Tango Festival 2005


Flyer Don Tango Festival 2005


Cartoon-like visualisations of innovative projects
Click picture for more examples

Poster & photo for Luna de Tango


Booklet NederTango concerts


Website NederTango concert in
De Meervaart, Amsterdam


Website TangoX4


Webpages Tango centre in Italy



Logo for Octopus youth novels


Poster for illustration expo
Design: Rob Nuijten
Illustration Ben Verkaaik


Catalogue, logo, expo design
Illustration Expo 1991
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


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Actual projects:

- free painting

Recent projects:

- delivery of ideas, just ideas, for cartoons, drawn by a collegue illustrator.
Client: a gymnastics magazine

- Illustration of flyers, website, poster
Client: a mental healthcare service.

- Visualization of ideas of specialists and consultants about opportunities in the field of technology in health care.
Client: a leading management consultant.

- Visualization of ideas of specialists and consultants about opportunities in the field of educational material and learning tools.
Client: a leading management consultant.

Examples of earlier visualizing work.

Earlier projects:

- examples below here

NB: I stopped making illustrations for youth novel covers when the publishers new managers decided their income could keep the yearly raise while illustrators should be offered a lesser and lesser payment for their work. Not to speak about their ideas about the copyrights of the illustrators.

Octopus youth novels
Logo, design and illustration


Youth novel. Illustration & design


Youth novel illustration & design


Youth novel illustration & design


Youth novel. Illustration & design


Youth novel. Illustration & design


Youth novel. Illustration


Images for belt and other applications for childrens clothes, Label Cakewalk.


Images for the very young, illustrations for lessons at kindergarten.


Vulcanism, various causes explained. Educational illustrations


Pencil and watercolours


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