Targets, hitmen and helpers
If you somehow manifest yourself as a succesfull, influential employee, director or owner of a large company, a critical investigator of some large projects, a leader or a potential leader of a movement, or as a potential threat to the Status Quo, intelligence agencies want to know how they can control you. Secret agents are everywhere. They participate in political parties where they pose as loyal members, willing to work hard, and inspire people as if they invented the party themselves. They may be the most fanatic in protest groups or protest demonstrations, leading the way, showing the less fanatic ones how the job is done. They may collect wellfare, work as a 'volunteer' (Short video of such a case)
but make some money at the side, payed by a secret service.
They may pose as loyal employees in a firm, just doing their job, while doing their secret work at the side. Secret agents may do it for the money, the exitement, or because they simply believe in the good cause. The agency will pat them on their shoulders and tell them what a great job they're doing.
Gathering information
What all secret agents are after, is information. What is done, when is it done, how is it done, why is it done, why is it not done, with whom is it done. Who does it, who knows that it is done,  who knows who it does, who does not know it. How can it be encouraged, how can it be stopped, how can it be altered, and how can something or someone else be blamed for what the hitman will do with it.

Secret agents may cause an organisation, regarded as 'dangerous', to be uncovered. They may cause a person or an organisation, regarded by another organisation, firm or party, as 'unwanted', to become currupted, blackmailed or ruined, in order to get rid of the threat it poses. Secret agents may cause a person
or an organisation, to be eliminated, by themselves or a hired hitman. The gathering of 'intelligence' is also needed for the cover up.
Cover up
In order to get the dirty job done and get away with it, it needs to be covered up and leave no trail. To carry out an elemination is one thing, but in the cover up it shows who's the professional, or who has the most influencial friends. If noone understands who did it, it can be repeated.

Politicians, directors, writers
anybody who thinks he or she has 'nothing to hide because they're doing nothing wrong', may be regarded simply naive. As politicians they may be the influencial ones, who succesfully promote or implement laws that make it impossible for the more careful ones to keep their private life for themselves. As dedicated business people they may work out the hardware, the software and the infrastructure for others to spy on them
. As writers they may seek pleasure in ridiculing those who believe Orwell's '1984' is to be taken serious.

John Perkins

writer of the book 'Confessions of an economic hitman'.
Watch and hear him talk almost one hour about the contents of his book, his extraordinary life, and his regret of being an economic hitman, a destroyer of economies of countries, that the USA wanted to make surrender in order to obtain their resources.
Video (53 minutes): v=29GhXsx7-Rs

Investigate John Perkins' claims
Wikipedia, about the book:
Wikipedia, about the firm:

or surf the worldwide web, while 'Googling' any subject regarding this story.

'if possible, professional criminals will be hired to carry out specific, selected jobs'

Clandestine Operations Manual for Central America
Author: C.I.A.
Publisher: Cornville, AZ Desert Publications 1985
ISBN Number: 879472405


The governments hitlist (of covert murders by CIA)
Assassination of suspects, foreign or domestic, endorsed by government
00.00 President Barak Obama joking about it .
Rep. Ron Paul delivering a speech against it (at 05.01 min).

Knowing everything of all civilians
and therewith: identity theft and abuse

Video: Suspect Nation (english spoken +dutch subtitles)

Facebook, serves the CIA, the Information Awareness Office (USA), the Department of Defense (USA). It gathers info about possible political opponents, future scape goats and usefull idiots.
Video: Taking a close look at Facebook

Spying on ordinairy civilians (USA)
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Video: 2009. Illegal wiretaps 'unwise'
Video: Infiltration of peace group

Infiltration of activists organisations (NL)
Dutch secret service gave animal rights activist a laptop that spied
on everything he did.

Targets, hitmen, cover up, and helpers (USA)
Video: Jeane Palfrey posing a threat

Video: 'Suicide' of Jeane Palfrey

Hitmen at work (USA)
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Spy software, politics and murder (USA)
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Video: The Inslaw Affair. part 1
Video: The Inslaw Affair. part 2 (Key witness eleminated)
Video: The Inslaw Affair. part 3 (Assassination of the journalist)

Martin Luther King
'the anti Vietnam war speech he was killed for'

Murdered Human Rights activists (Russia / Chechnya)
Read: 2006. Ana Politkovskaya
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Murdered journalists (Russia)
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Privacy for safety (USA)
Read: 1980. Privacy Protection Act

Ex-politician vs. Intelligence Agency (NL)
Read (in Dutch): 2009. Van Duijn vs. AIVD
Ordinairy police officers, protecting who?
The below video shows a sickening development in our 'civilized world. It looks like the 'Braunhemden' are back, but now in Kingsnorth, Kent, UK. Harassment of peaceful demonstrators, journalists, aggressive interrogation of local residents, confiscation of items such as childrens' costumes and crayons, attempted dawn raids on the camp, use of batons and CS gas, and the forced search of 1000s of people and the adding of their personal data to a secret database.
Very, very strange. Who brainwashed these police officers? Who told them they have the right  to attack peacefull people instead of defending them against violence? What makes them obey such orders and not feel sick? Do they need the feel of power, after boring traffic ticketing?
Great video of an awful development.
Video (14 minutes)

United Police States of America
Patriot Act turned the USA into police states