Similarities between 'JFK' and '9/11'

The officials had already convicted the official suspect from day One, before a proper investigation had taken place and before the suspect was confronted with the accusation.

The media supported the theory of the officials from day One, before a proper investigation had taken place and before the suspect was confronted with the accusation.

Evidence was destroyed by officials.

Important leads were, oficially, not investigated.

The immensity of the conspiracy makes many say it can't be true (Too awfull to believe. Too large to see).

The suspect was well known to the secret services.

Powerfull institutions profited from the crime.

  Powerfull institutions profited from the crime.
John F. Kennedy decided it was a bad idea, that only the Federal Reserve Bank, known as 'the FED' (owned by private bankers) could print and issue the United States Dollars. Since the installation of the FED under president Woodrow Wilson, who soon regretted this decision, the US government has to borrow money from the FED against interest, what makes a large part of the taxpayers money be spend on just paying interest to the bankers. Also, the FED was given the power to decide about the interest rates, and therewith the control over the country's economy. The FED has more power than the government.
President John F. Kennedy signed an Executive Order 11110 that allowed the government to issue money as well. By doing so, the government would not have to pay interest to the FED any longer.
JFK was killed 5 months after signing this order, that would eventually strip the FED from its power.
This Executive Order that allowed the US government to print money, was made ineffective by president Ronald Reagan, with Executive Order 12608, in September 1987.
JFK wanted to take power away from the CIA, since the secrecy around the work of the CIA does not allow a president to have an overview of their, often illegal, operations.
JFK was fighting organized crime. Organized crime must have been very willing to play a role, or at least support sliencing the president.

District Attorney Jim Garrison tells the whole story

Don't read anything about JFK's assassination before watching this 27 minutes movie from the man who knew more than anyone aboutt it, besides the killers and those who managed them.

Oliver Stone's movie JFK was based on this man's work.

"Kill one, scare a thousand"
  Mao Tse Tung

Politicians in the USA know that there's a power greater than the president, and it's not the Christian God they all say to believe in. In the contrary, it is evil. This power shows its ugly face by assassinations, like the murder on Martin Luther King jr, the murder on John F. Kennedy and the murder on plenty of people who understood too much of its dirty business, like intellectuals, journalists and political opponents.

. President John F Kennedy ('JFK') was assassinated on 22 November 1963, in Dallas, Texas.

Conspiracy for the  murder, and the cover up
The Warren Commission Report on president John F Kennedy's assassination on 22 November 1963, tries to prove that
Lee Harvey Oswald was the one and only assassin, who worked completely on his own.  Most US citizens (81%) believe no longer in this theory that was disputed from day one. They're inspired and backed by many respected researchers and professionals, who occupy themselves with the many mysteries that surround this case, and the many signs that point to a large conspiracy of very powerful people. Till this very day however, US scholars will read in their history books just the statement of the Warren Report, that claims that Oswald was the lone assassin.

Jim Garrison, 27 minute TV talk about the cover up
On July 15, 1967, NBC allowed New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison to respond to an NBC program that was highly critical of Garrison's pursuit of alleged Kennedy assassination conspirators in New Orleans.

Oswald understands it's all set up, against him.
Oswald gets lined up between other men, so a witness could pick him out. Oswald is of course the only one with a black eye..
Oswald shouts: " I've been portered back from the precinct, now they seem to be having me lined up with these men, I'll be picked out, right?"
They answer: "Right."

Oswald: "I'm just a patsy"
Oswald claimed he did not kill the president and that he was set up. Shortly before he was shot by Jacob Rubinstein ('Jack Ruby') he cried out to journalists: "I'm just a patsy".
Police and media convicted Oswald before a trial could take place. 
Oswald got shot:: Video

Oswald's assassin: "The world will never know the facts"
Jack Rubinstein, who killed Oswald after 2 days, stated, after his convition:
" Everything pertained to what's happening will never come to the surface; the world will never know the true facts, of what occurred, my motives....the people had so much to gain....such a material motive to put me in the position I'm in...will never let the true facts come above the light to the, to the world."
They ask him something like: "Now these people are very positioned gents?" His answer is "Yes".

The single bullet theory
is essential for the Warren Commission's denial of any conspiracy. Without that theory Oswald could not be accused of being the one and only assassin of president Kennedy. Without believe in that theory a conspiracy is an unavoidable fact. This is why the Single Bullet theory is still debated on YouTube, on Television and on internet discussion platforms.
Since everybody agrees that at least three shots were fired and one missed, and one hit the president in the head, there must have been more bullets fired, or the third bullet must have caused seven wounds in both John Kennedy's and John Connally's bodies.
If more bullets had been fired in that very short time that shots were heard, it menas there were more shooters. The Warren Commission Report, however, stated, that Oswald was the lone assassin, and therefore sticks to the theory that one bullet caused the seven wounds.

1978. The Killing of President Kennedy
Anthony Summers 1978 BBC documentary on the Assassination of President Kennedy is one of the best films on the subject, points to the interest of mafia bosses in having Robert and Jack Kennedy assassinated.
Contains interviews with direct participants, including the first interview with Silvia Odio and interviews with Dallas police chief Jesse Curry, Carlos Bringuier, William Gaudet, Richard Schweiker, Richard Sprague, DA William Alexander, Warren Commission member John Cooper and Antonio Veciana.
Video. 1 hour 20 minutes

1989. A 2 hour documentary about the planning and the cover up of the assassination.
Two different points of view are given by two different speakers:
Gary Shaw, assassination expert and author of "Cover-Up: The Government Conspiracy to Conceal the Facts About the Public Execution of John Kennedy" (1976)
and former CIA case officer John R Stockwell.
Interviewed by Frank Morrow and Doug Kellner, in American TV programm 'Alternative Views'.
Video, 2 hours

, 'JFK'
, film by Oliver Stone

The single bullet theory explained by the character Jim Garisson, played by Oliver Stone.
Stone described his fictionalized film as a 'counter-myth' to the 'myth' of the Warren Commission.

"The danger of the truth not being known, will destroy this nation"
The widow of Lee Harvey Oswald no longer believes Oswald was the assassin (Earlier she did). Video

The media, after 2000

Television broadcasts, 'pro' single bullet theory:
Discovery Channel:
with 'Beyond conspiracy' (fragment). A documentary that tries to prove Oliver Stone's film JFK wrong and the 'Magic Bullet theory right.
MSNBC, with promoting the 'Beyond conspiracy' documentary of Discovery Channel

Amateur investigators able to show the (deliberate?) mistakes of the professional documentary makers:
Bob Harris with 'The Discovery Channel Scam.

Television broadcasts, 'pro' conspiracy theory:
The History Channel, with
The Men Who Killed Kennedy (see list next column ->)

1963. The media 'knew' more than Oswald
When Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested and brought into the police station, he did not know he was charged with the killing of the president. Journalists however were already informed of that.
A reporter asked: "Did you kill the president?"
Oswald answered: "No, I've not been charged with that. In fact, nobody has said that to me yet. Eh, the first thing I heard about it was when the newspaper reporters in the hall asked me that question."
See Youtube video of this scene

1964. The official Warren Commission Report
Available from the 'Assassination Archives and Research Center'
or the National Archives

1970. Another investigation frustrated
The work of the 'House Select Committee on Assassinations'
frustrated by lack of cooperation by the CIA, who saw the committe as an enemy.
Attorney and former mayor of Beverly Hills, Bob Tannenbaum, explains why he resigned from the committee, in the documentary

'The Men Who Killed Kennedy'
Part 7: The Smoking Guns
From minute 2.30

1992, John and Nellly Connally interviewed
The Connally's who were sitting in front of the Kennedy's at the moment of the assassination) are interviewed by Larry King, They both tell a story about the shots that is inconsistent with the Warren Commission Report.

'The Men Who Killed Kennedy'
Documentary made in 1988
Produced and directed by Nigel Turner
Produced in association with The History Channel
5 hours in total
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3: The Cover-Up
Part 4: The Patsy
Part 5: The Witnesses
Part 6: The Truth Shall Set You Free
Part 7: The Smoking Guns
Part 8: The Love Affair (2003)
Part 9: The Guilty Men


TMWKK (The Men Who Killed Kennedy)
segments banned from the History Channel
The Final Chapter, The Smoking Guns
The Final Chapter, The Love Affair
The Final Chapter, The Guilty Men

Manual for clandestine operations
The 'Clandestine Operations Manual for Central America', as the bookseller says, authored by the C.I.A., contains the phrase:

'... if possible, professional criminals will be hired to carry out specific selected 'jobs'

Although the C.I.A. has no mandate for covert operations inside the USA, it shows a preference for professional criminal assassins for special assignments.

And a criminal mafioso hitman has claimed being the killer of Kennedy.

Link to website that sells the manual