'I have trouble sleeping at night, thinking about my participation in it'

by Rob Nuijten, 28 July 2009

'Either you're with us, or you're with the terrorists'.

George Walker Bush, as president of the United States of America

When G.W. Bush spoke these words
(video see 3 minute 50 seconds) after the 9/11 attacks, at Sept 20, 2001, it was in fact a declaration of war against anybody and any nation who would not assist the USA in a worldwide war against a yet unidentified enemy.
It means that anybody who would question the legitimacy of the USA-lead war on terror, should best be regarded 'a terrorist' and be treated as such, as far as the US administration is concerned.

And who is 'us' who's side we have to choose? Is that the Bush administration? Is it the United States of America? Is it any administration after Bush that continues the war on terror?

Under the flag of 'War on terror" the USA want to investigate your bankaccounts, moneytransfers, your friends and business contacts, collect your telephone and fax data, know where you went and with whom, what your religion is and what you would not eat, read
your email and, most of all: know what you think and what you oppose and what you may do with that knowledge. They want to know your past, your present and your future. They may want to know if you're a potential criminal, but most of all, they want to know if you pose 'a threat to the United States of America', now, or in the future. Whatever threat.

Since you, your business, or your country's economy, may become an important competitor for USA b
usinesses or the USA economy, all data of what you do, what your company does, or your country does, is best gathered, analysed and responded upon before it poses a threat for the United States. And if your economy poses a threat to the economy of the US, or to the CIA, it may be regarded a threat to the safety of the US, and be dealt with accordingly.

Information is power.
More and more private- and business data is gathered and analysed, by companies for profit, and by Intelligence Agencies for the supposed War on Terror. Every day another law is signed or programme approved, that allows Big Brother to move in with you. The distinction between industrial espionage, security, the War on Terror, or simple pervert peeps in 'Das Leben der Anderen' is no longer clear. Not for civilians and not for the officials. Police officers in the streets try forbid people to film (video) them because they experience that as a threat, but at the same time they expect you to have no objection against be ing filmed everywhere. People in high positions feel safer when no one knows their whereabouts, while you must believe that you're protected against terrorists by your total surrender to data collection. Large institutes and secret services analyse the data and know more about you than what you can remember about yourself.

All they need, is that you do nothing.
"Do not be unpatriottic by questioning the Patriot Act. Do not protest against The Leader's approval of illegal phonetaps. Do not protest against illegal 'pre-emptive' invasions. Do not ask nasty questions about 9/11. Do not seek a conspiracy behind a mistake about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and do not ask nasty questions about them being 'an imminent threat' or not. Do not question if peace is won by torture, and tons of bombs. Do not question why the Geneva Convention does no longer bind the United States nore its allies. Do not ask why people can be taken prison for no given reason and be held prisoner without trial. Do not seek to put on trial, for repeatedly overthrowing democraticly chosen governments, the Central Intelligence Agency, that needs your tax money to do all that. Do not ask why such agencies and corporations, should gather and analise your private- and business data. Please be satisfied with the president's and vice president's explanation, that this very dirty work must be done in order to keep you alive and happy."

You're a suspect if you do not accept being treated as one.
If you protest against the US government when it tramples the Constitution and Civil Rights (
video), you may be regarded a 'lefty', a nutcase, a retard, or worse: a threat to the nation or a traitor. You risk a lot, if you don't comply. Although the government mistrusts everybody, you should trust your government, because traditionally 'the US are the good guys' fighting 'the bad guys'. If you ask questions, your government mistrusts you even more. Trust your government that builds the perfect infrastructure for Big Brother (video). Electronicly operated gates, will allow you access to public transport, if the computer says, you're OK. Your ID card, your fingerprint, your eyes, or your VeriChip will tell the computer that you're someone that poses no threat to whatever the government want to protect. If you question the large corporations that build Big Brother, and if you question the immense influence they have in your governments decisions, you'll soon end up at Big Brothers black list. When the government regards you a terrorist, or a threat to the security of the country, you can now be assassinated by the CIA with governmental approval and you won't see or hear it coming (Video).

Honour the brave who risk their neck.
Read what the daring ones, who do not trust it, investigated for all peoples sake. Respect them for they risk their neck. Messengers have been killed before. The most respected leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, John F. Kennedy, journalists in the 'free world' and lesser known activists
have been assassinated since they acted against the interests of very large and powerful companies.
Watch the videos linked from this website. See to it, that you check all that's said. Please do some research and investigation yourself. Talk with people, listen to critisizm and investigate again. Dig deep, and don't let go. Know how they work, the ones with the most power, who do not let themselves be known, and who play their games dirty and from behind a mask. Discover, and uncover their methods. Regretfully, there's more 'between heaven and earth' than the extremest fiction and horror. Reality is often uglier than any movie director would dare to bring to the cinema, for people would find it unbelieveable, too extreme, too absurd.

Rob Nuijten
the editor/publisher

Feel free to send me your thoughts, ideas, and links to worthwhile publications of investigations or reports, or videos that may connect even more dots, and make the patterns even more visible.
Email: rob (at) torito.nl

Information is power (Illustration © Rob Nuijten)

'I have trouble, sometimes, sleeping at night, thinking about my participation in it'

Colonel L. Wilkerson (USA)

Chief of staff Colin Powell
responsible for putting together Colin Powels presentation in the UN, about the alledged WMD of Saddam Houssein.

Video (at 36. min, 50 secs)

Critical about 'Why going to war". Official reasons are made up for the public to support the wars that are actually fought for commercial purposes.
Video of interview, video 1
'The war in Iraq had nothing to do with the war on terrorism'

Karen Kwiatkowsky (USA)
Lt Col (ret) U.S. Department of Defense (working at the Pentagon during the 9/11 attacks)
Video: Why we fight?

'It was 99,9% certain, that, indeed, there weren't any (still hidden weapons of mass destruction in Iraq)'
'There was no reason to think anything could be found, overthere'

Jan Rozing (The Netherlands)

Weapon inspector for the United Nations, in Iraq, just before the invasion of Iraq.
Video (in Dutch, from archive of Dutch television)

'The strategy of invading Iraq has been, and continues to be, a strategic failure of enormous proportions'.

Barack Obama (USA)
as Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party
Video, statement at 8min10s

'Bush /... / is responsible, according to Information Clearing House, for over one million deaths of Iraqi civilians, which puts Bush high on the list of mass murderers of all time.'

Paul Craig Roberts (USA)
Former assistant secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration.
Former Associate editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page
Former Contributing editor of National Review.
Author or co-author of eight books, including The Supply-Side Revolution (Harvard University Press).
Former William E. Simon chair in political economy, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University
Former Senior research fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University.
Awarded the U.S. Treasury's Meritorious Service Award
Awarded the French Legion of Honor.
Former Reviewer for the Journal of Political Economy
Read: The War Criminal in the Living Room

The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.'

Rex Tomb (USA)
Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI

'We have never made the case, or argued the case, that somehow Usama Bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming.'

Dick Cheney (USA)

as vice president of the G.W. Bush administration
At end of video, after 9 minutes and 11 seconds

'Democracy and justice play no role in the United States foreign policy'

Andreas von Bülow (Germany)
Former member SPD Parliament
Former Secretary of State of Defense
Former Minister of Science

Video 1
Video 2

'Governments can be ruthless. We need to know the truth about 9/11'

Michael Meacher (Great Britain)

Member of Labour Parliament
Former Secretary of State of Public Health
Former Secretary of State of Trade
Former Minister of Environment
Video 1
Video 2

'The 9/11 Commission Report is utterly hollow. We want to know the truth'

Jersey Widows (USA)
The widows of four men who worked in the New York Twin Towers, at 9/11.
They had a whole list of questions about 9/11, of which only 75% were answered by the officials.
Its due to the persistance of these woman that there was an official investigation at all.
Video 1 / Video 2 / Video 3 /

'The CIA supported the biggest drug dealers in history in their takeover of the Bolivian government, July 1980'

Michael Levine (USA)

Former deep cover agent (for 25 years) of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

''Vice President mislead the public about torture'
'Wiretaps were illegal'

Russ Feingold(USA)

Member of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Administrative Oversight and the Courts

'War on Terrorism is war of conquest, to facilitate complete U.S. corporate control'

Michel Chossudovsky (Canada)

Professor of economics

'The parliament was rejected the right to ask for the truth: why we went to war?'

Hans van Mierlo
(The Netherlands, died 2010)
Minister of State Founder political party D66
Former minister of Defense

Video (in dutch)

'NORAD lied to congress, to the American people and to the 9/11 Commission.'

Mark Dayton (USA)

Senator (Democrats) Minnesota.

Video NORAD lied

Mike Rupperts lecture is about how Prescot Bush, father of GHW Bush, grandfather of GW Bush, financed the Nazis, about JFK's assassination, CIA drugs trafficing, Wallstreets drugs money laundering, all connecting to 9/11' and the imperialistic wars that followed.
He points to Zbigniew Brzezinksi's book 'The Grand Chessboard' that predicts the whole world in the end being governed by the one remaining superpower, the USA.

Mike Ruppert (USA)
Former Los Angelos Police Department narcotics investigator

Video of 2 hour lecture

'That land overthere is yours. You'll go back to it one day, because your fight will prevail, and you'll have your homes and your mosques back again, because your cause is right and God is on your side'

Brezinski talking to Mujahedin fighters, while pointing to Afghanistan under Soviet occupation.
See also his book: 'The Grand Chessboard', about the need to keep acces to the oil and gas reserves of the Middle East.

Zbigniew Brezinski (USA)

Professor at university where Barack Obama studied
Top foreign policy advisor for president Obama
National Security advisor for president Carter
Motivated and supported Mujahedin fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan

'if possible, professional criminals will be hired to carry out specific, selected jobs'

Clandestine Operations Manual for Central America
Author: C.I.A. Publisher: Cornville, AZ Desert Publications 1985
ISBN Number: 879472405

Benton K. Partin
Retired Brigadier General


Elliot Richardson (USA)
Former Attorney General
Prof. Peter Dale Scot
'My job was to destroy other countries' economies'

John Perkins (USA) Writer
Former economic hitman

Read more + video

All the persons mentioned below here, will eventually be quoted on this website, with audio visual evidence of these quotes or other well traceable evidence of their publications, writings, opinions and experience.

"Uncovered: The whole truth about the Iraq war"
Documentary by Robert Greenwald / Chris Gordon / 2008
56:08 minutes
Watch video
The below mentioned specialists appear in this video

Ray McGovern

27 years as CIA Analyst.
Former Chairman of the National Intelligence estimate, responsible for the President’s daily brief.

David Albright

Physicist and former weapons inspector with the IAEA Action team.

Robert Baer (USA)

21 year CIA Operative. Former CIA Analist during the 1991 Iraq War. Served in Iraq and Lebanon.
Was awarded the Career Intelligence Medal.

Milt Bearden (USA)

Former CIA station chief in Pakistan,
30 years of service

Rand Beers (USA)
Former Special Assistant to the President
and National Security Council Senior Director to combat terrorism

Bill Christison
Former CIA Director of the Office of Regional and Political Analysis

Philip Coyle (USA)

Former Assistent Secretary of defense
Former director of operational test and evaluation at the Pentagon.

John Dean (USA)

Former White House Counsel to President Richard Nixon

Patrick Eddington (USA)

Former CIA imagery analist for 8 years.

Graham Fuller
25 years Foreign Service

Chass Freeman (USA)

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense
Former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
30 years diplomatic service

John Brady Kiesling (USA)

20 years Foreign Service

Patrick Lang (USA)

Former Chief of Middle East intelligence at the Defense Intelligence Agency

Dr. David C. McMichael (USA)

13 years a CIA Analyst

Scott Ritter

Former Marine Captain
Former UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq 1991-1998.

Claire Short (UK)

Former UK Cabinet Minister in Labor Government

Admiral Stanfield Turner (USA)

Former Director of the CIA
Former Commander of the Second Fleet

The Honorable Henry Waxman
Congressman representing California’s 30st Congressional District

Thomas E. White (USA)

23 year Commissioned Officier
Former Secretary of the Army

Joseph (Joe) Wilson (USA)

23 years Foreign Service.
Former Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.
Former special assistant to the President.

Colonel Mary Ann Wright
(Former?) Deputy Chief of Mission in the U.S. Embassies in Sierra Leone and Afghanistan

Peter Zimmerman (USA)

Former Chief Scientist of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Mel Goodman (USA)

20 year Senior CIA Analyst
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All the persons mentioned above here, will eventually be quoted on this website, with audio visual evidence of these quotes or other well traceable evidence of their publications, writings, opinions and experience.

Edited and published by Rob Nuijten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Email: rob (at) torito.nl