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Yep, that's me, Rob Nuijten, in 2010, dancing Argentine Tango.

I reside in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I'm not on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
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At age 15, my penfriend noticed I could make money with portraits, after I drew one of her. And that's what I went doing. Portraits and portrait like drawings and paintings became an essential part of my artwork for youth novel covers. The academy of art for graphic design added some knowledge about typography, though most of the type for the book covers I designed and illustrated I drew by hand.
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My parents thought their kids should have at least one year of dance classes, but I never stopped. After ballroom it was flamenco, and since 1991 it is Argentine Tango. Part from dancing a few nights per week, I've been teaching it, performing it on stage, organising events, and advising event organisors and media. Connecting people and preparing the written agreements between them.
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2003. Time flies. Dressed up for show.
My former life, it looks like.

News media

One of my irrtitable traits is that I like to ask questions that some find improper, like "Why do you do what you do?" or "Why do you claim your news paper doesn't serve a political agenda, when it's so obvious it does?" and "Why is war now called 'a humanitarian military intervention'?"
Over the years I found out that the corporate media's geopolitical agenda is served by it leaving out essential information, also called "lying by omission". An example is newspaper NRC paying a tribute to Robert Mueller, who was about to reach the end of his investigating into Donald Trump's alleged conspiracy with Russia. It left out Mueller's call for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which was a call for a war crime and based on a pack of lies already.
My complaint to the journalist in Washington did result in him adding a paragraph about that to the online edition. It didn't change the headline or content of the printed paper, though.
But what made the journalist not think of it when he wrote the piece? I guess he was so much looking forward to "the meticulous guy" about to nail "the bad Trump".

I believe most journalists who forward propaganda fed to them sincerly believe that what they're doing to be honest and just, as do most politicians, bankers, soldiers and secret service employees and that they find it to hard to imagine to what level they're being fooled and misled, by cells of evil doing people among them, who also think they're, in the end, doing it for the good of mankind. People who do bad things always have a justification, for themselves, for the why of their deeds.
Most of them live in a bubble, that rewards them with kindness.

Me criticizing the corporate media has become a daily activity. But I criticize its critics just the same, when I they also cherry-pick their facts and leave out information that doesn't fit the narrative, or naively copy other people's rubbish claims.