foundation luna de tango finds or creates environments with a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the practise of argentine tango dancing. managers or owners of interesting locations are approached and stimulated to host such events. the people of luna de tango advize and guide them on a voluntary base.
foundation luna de tango supports or takes initiatives (chosen by the board) to improve the conditions in wich less fortunate people live and work, mainly in argentina.
foundation Luna de tango stimulates the cooperation between organisors of tango events, tango dance teachers and other persons of initiatives that support the practise and enjoyment of tango argentino.

we initiated weekly tango dancing (milonga's), on mondays, for 7 years for royal cafe de kroon, arena hotel, de plantage media café, café jerry's, all in amsterdam, the netherlands.

we'd initiated a one time tango dancing night for beach club restaurant, at a dune overlooking the beach of bloemendaal aan zee.

present day
we have new projects for the poorest in buenos aires investigated by
the working world (.org !). to see if we can support them.

benefit activities
luna de tango organises and supports the organisation of benefit events with tango to support help projects in argentina or helps others to organise such events. for the realisation of these events many tangodancers from different schools and cities and tango musicians have been ans will be asked to voluntarily give classes and/or give performances.

foundation luna de tango is registered in as a foundation since may 11, 2006, but it started as a club of friends who took initiatives for the realisation of tangosalons in amsterdam.

history of benefit events
before foundation luna de tango was a fact, the founders and others, who called themselves luna de tango without that being an official body yet, had organised, or assisted in the organisation of benefit events for:

2009: casa verde, in the city of arequipa, peru, a shelter for abused young women and children, received a donation from foundation luna de tango and tangodancers that responded at an email with a call for financial contributions.
see a report, in text and photographs.

2007: with remaining resorts of its fundrasing activities foundation luna de tango choose to support the shirt factory CERES, with insulation against the summer heat and winter coldness. also CERES is supported by the advisors of 'the working world' (.org)
Meet the workers and read about the project

2006: el elefante blanco
goal: professional inventory of a bakery, and other means of support of initiatives taken by a group of people living in one of the poorest areas of buenos aires.
to raise funds the following was organised:
tango event on april 30, 2006. many dance workshops and a gran salon de tango with 2 orchestras and tango dance performances.
the project was also supported by the organisation wilde ganzen.
the projects were locally coordinated by the working world (.org !).
the funds were spent on the inventory of the bakery.
see the report about the situation locally (before and after).

2005: el sueño del pibe
goal: support of a bakery and a school for handicapped children.
to raise funds, the organisation of the following was assisted by luna de tango:
dance workshops and 2 gran salons de tango with live music and dance performances.
organisor of this benefit: lalo diaz, academia de tango, amsterdam.
the project was also supported by the organisation wilde ganzen.

villa corina
goal: repair and reconstruction of a building to make it suitable to serve as a help centre, in villa corina, buenos aires.
to raise funds the following was organised:
many dance workshops and a gran salon de tango with a tango orchestra from buenos aires, other musicians and dance performances.