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Helpfull addresses in Padua , La Plata, Posadas, Tandil, Rosario (in future)

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The embassy of your country you may find in the city of Buenos Aires.





Busses / coaches leaving from Buenos Aires
Neighborhood: Retiro
Address: Av. Antártida Argentina Esquina Calle 10

Wherever you want to go, it is most likely that you find the buscompany that you need at this website.

Every busline (many!) has it's own ticket-office ('Boletería'), identifiable by a number that you find on this website.

Long distance coaches may have very comfortable seats that can be put almost horizontally for a long drive through the night.



Iguazu, waterfalls
'the throat of the devil'
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Visit the whales
off the coast of Peninsula Valdez, in Patagonia
Page with many links to sites from tourists, commercial travel agencies and others.

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Glacier Perito Moreno
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Tierra del fuego
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Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires gov. services

Consulates and embassies
Foreign tourists visiting Buenos Aires may contact the consulates and embassies of their countries of origin to solve any problem regarding their documentation and receive advice.
At this page you can find the consulates and embassies addresses, telephone number and webpages.

Tourist in Buenos Aires
Very helpful site of the gouvernment of BsAs.


- Transport

- Tourist info centers in
various neighborhoods

- Travel agencies

- rooms, etc



Oh Buenos Aires!
Tourist information
in Spanish

in English

Visit the grave of Carlos Gardel
photos by Arie Klok

Lucero Maturano - Filete Porteño
The filete is a decorative art born in Buenos Aires at the begining of the XIX century, it was used to decorate cars and trucks and now is related to the tango.

Stay in Buenos Aires
Very useful site, lots of general info that travellers need.

Buenos Aires Hotels
+ lots of helpfull info to get around

Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Address: Maipú 1300, 'piso 21'.









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La Plata

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Posadas (in Misiones)

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