How to order advertisement at or
The owner of, and the website, are based in the Netherlands.

Publisher / chief editor: Rob Nuijten ('Torito'). The below form will generate an email sent to the editor.
Business name: 'Torito PasionArte'. Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
BTW (VAT) number: NL 029084544 B01

Rules of engagement

Flash files or animated gif-images are not accepted.

The banner must be saved in JPG format, in a quality not higher than 'High', or '60', to limit the amount of kilobytes.

Prices mentioned are excluded VAT (in French: TVA. in Dutch: BTW). If, and how this tax should be payed, depends on the costumers country being the Netherlands, another country in the EU, or it being outside the EU, and on the costumer being a registrated business with a VAT administration or not.

The mentioned prices are for placement at the Tango Agenda for the Netherlands
or the openingpage of Go Tango Worldwide,


Choose a banner size + price

Price per month, at excluded 21% BTW (=VAT)

Price per height

18 euro

27 euro

36 euro

45 euro

54 euro

63 euro

Price per height

18 euro

27 euro

36 euro

45 euro

54 euro

63 euro

Make a choice for a banner with a 160 pixels width or a 200 pixels width
then click the button next to the desired height. The button tells you the price per month.


Who designs the advertisement?

If you consider your banner to be made by Torito, see the instructions further down.

Legal person / organisation ordering the banner.  *= obligatory, verplicht

Name of contact person*

Telephone of contact person*

E-mail address of contact person*

The invoice will be payed by* (legal body)

Address, where to send the invoice*

Postal code*



The Netherlands

Other country

If your company is not based in the Netherlands, tax rules demand the following questions to be answered

yes / No

Are you not based in the Netherlands, + a company or entrepeneur with a BTW-VAT-TVA-number, or company number?

if so, fill in your international BTW-VAT-TVA code or company number

yes / No

Is your company obliged to collect and pay BTW-VAT-TVA?

European tax rules determine who collects and pays the BTW-VAT-TVA for this banner order. The invoice may contain a message about it, with an instruction about how to proceed.

Dates of advertisement

Nota bene!

The minimum charge is the price for 1 month!

First day of publication, or: As soon as possible

Last day of publication, or: Let's see how it goes

6 months (get 1/6 reduction, but pay in advance)

longer than 6 months (get 1/6 reduction, but pay 6 months in advance)

The banner should link to

url of the webpage that you advertise for

Page(s) you want to advertise on

Tango Agenda for the Netherlands, at

Go Tango Worldwide, at

at +, doubles the costs!

Where is your banner?

I'll send it when it's ready

The artwork is to be sent to: tango ( at ) torito . nl


I request a design delivered by Torito (see below)

I'll put it in my webspace and let you know where it is (see next field)

Manage the content of your banner

Only if you know about FTP (maintain a website)

If you (or your designer/webmanager) place your banner somewhere in your webdomain, you can also change the content of it, as often as you like.
If you give us the exact url of the banner,
we can make the banner appear in  Torito's online Tango Agenda

NB: When you change the content of the banner, keep the url the same!

Leave the technical details to us. You just make your banner, upload it into an internet directory, and let us know the address of the banner.

The exact url (web address) of your banner will be:


Banner design made by Torito

Picture and text to be put in the design of the banner

The artwork is to be sent to: tango ( at ) torito . nl

Look at the existing banners, to see how much text would fit at the requested size.
You choose the language: english / dutch / spanish.
Tip: the shorter the better. The banner links to your webpage that gives more detailed info.
Leave space for the image!

Write us your specific wishes for the design. Requests that arrive áfter delivery of the design will cost extra.
Please write your wishes for the design in dutch if you're dutch speaking.

The price of the design depends of your wishes and will be negotiated.
The price will be between 30 and 60 euros, plus 21% BTW/VAT.
For this price, there's little room for changes. Your request should be clear and then you simply trust it will be quite OK. The production of the banner takes about 30 to 60 minutes, and is mostly done by Rob Nuijten, who's an experienced graphic designer.

Send the form to the publisher, Rob Nuijten, Torito PasionArte, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Sender frees Torito PasionArte, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, of any claims from the owner of the copyrights of the artwork, regarding the use of it in the hereby requested advertisement.