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(free) at the web

Tango lyrics
published by Amsterdam Club de Tango


Tango Fashion

Tango Argentino Shop
NRW, Herne
Shop for Tango clothes and shoes

Lunatango shoes
Shop online, hight quality shoes handmade in Buenos Aires.

Debirah Designs shoes
'the perfect fit'
Ontario, Canada, ships anywhere in the world.

Guaranteed Fit Tango Shoes
Tango Shoes made in Argentina

Tangazos Tango Shoes

Arika Nerguiz Tango dance shoes
Online shoe store for Tango dancers
Handmade shoes.

onine store
handmade tango shoes, leather accessories
Text in Turkish and English

Buy Tango clothes online

Dimensione Tango
Store, Tango Fashion in Düsseldorf, Germany, by Isabella Rossi.

Books, videos, music


Abrazos books
Books about tango dance in english, german and spanish.

Bridge to the Tango
Daniel Trenners webshop

Cyber Tango
Lyrics / Music CD Video / (Hi)story / Dance

Dandy producciones
Empresa dedicada a la produccion de eventos deportivos, teatrales, musicales y publicitarios

Ediciones Musicales Selec
On-line music store.

Mañana music label
from France
Modern Tango CD (Label Mañana) presentations .
- Newsletter.
- Agenda of concerts
- Webshop

link to Tango section (Netherlands) CD Video

Museo del Organito Argentino History

Music / History

El Portal del Tango

Saul Cosentino
Lyrics / Music

Strictly Tango
Music. Webmaster Dale Meyer

Szapiro - Polemann
Tango and other music. Webm: Pablo Szapiro

Tango music arrangements Norberto Vogel

Tango Paintings and Prints

Tango CDs
(Netherlands) Music
on-line Tango Music Store with a selection of tango music, both traditional and electronic/alternative.

Tango music arrangements
Norberto Vogel

music, history. Webm/ed: A3, Piotr Patan

Tango page to start
Dance / dance school / music / lyrics / history

Tango Plaza
Music CD

Tango tours
tango trips in Europe

Tango y milonga.
Instructional videos

The Tao of Tango
Philosophy about Tango dance. Editor: Johanna Siegmann

The structure of the dance
Mauricio Castros Book. Video / (Hi)story / Dance teacher

This is the Tango

Coleccionistas Porteños de Tango. Stories about musicians, poets and singers, chronicles images, discographies, lyrics and sheet music. Email webm: Jorge Vilas

De Tangueros
La web del tango Music, CD, books, agenda, milongas.

Voice of Dance
Portal to dance in general. Webm/ed: Mary Ellen Hunt, California.

Los Gatti-Zapata
about music and other subjects. Webm/ed: Carlos Rodriguez.

about places (accomodations) where tangueros have been and given their ratings.

Tango and South America Folk art works, crafts & gifts

Zorzal Criollo, Tango T-Shirt
An Argentine company located in Buenos Aires and dedicated to the sale of tango t-shirts and other regional products.



ABC Tango find the tangueros, dancers, musicians, events, musea in Buenos Aires, and much more.

Agustina Videla y
Claudio Asprea

Dancers from Argentina

BA Tango
Blaz y Andreja
(Based in Slovenia, but touring worldwide)
'Everything that can happen between a man and a woman presented in a bottle of perfume'.

Cecilia Gonzalez

Claudia Códega &
Esteban Moreno

Corina de la Rosa
& Julio Balmaceda

Damián Essel &
Nancy Louzán

Eliana Sanchez &
Enrique Lopez
Travelling teachers with regular classes in Buenos Aires but also making tours through Europe.

Elina Roldán &
Julio Mendez

Enrique y Judita
Germany and Argentina

Eric & Jeusa (Switzerland)

Eric Juerissen abroad

Eugenia Usandivaras
& Leo Calvelli

Elizabeth & Maximiliano

Equipo TangoScene
Gonzalo Orihuela and Solange Chapperon and friends
traditional and vanguard tango.. Lessons in Europe and Buenos Aires, festivales.
Agenda, videos, photos.

Francesco Menichini
& Rosa Riva
private lessons, public performances and workshops in any part of the world.

Fernando Galera
& Vilma Vega

Filippo Avignonesi
with Eliana Sanchez. Videos, pictures, curriculum, tourinfo.

German Cassano &
Liliana Espinosa

Guillermo Merlo &
Fernanda Ghi

Guillermo Cerneaz
y Paula Rampini
dancers and teachers of Argentine Tango. Also organizers of TangoCool in Buenos Aires.

Javier Antar & Maria Trubba

Juan Carlos Copes &
Johana Copes

Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli

Mariano Galeano
Dancer from Buenos Aires

Marisa van Andel &
Oliver Koch
Tango dancers and teachers who live and work in Belgium. They are also regularly invited in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Austria.

Melina & Detlef, Tango de salon

Pablo Ojeda &
Beatriz Romero

Ricardo 'el holandés'
Ricardo & Rotraut

Roxana & Fabian

Serrano, Fernando, porteño y bailerin, the official site of dancer Fernando Serrano

Susana Miller

Susanne y Amir

Global Online Argentine Tango Networking Community

Tango Dynamics
by Fabian Salas

Tango Discovery.
The Structure of the dance (Mauricio Castro)

Yvonne Meissner
based in Amsterdam, NL

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Sin Rumbo
About our Tango DJ activity, contacts, events calendar

Adriana Alegre Productions
Concerts, Events, Festivals about Latin Music.

grupo polaco que se especializa en el tango argentino para bailar. El grupo está formado por músicos de la Escuela Superior de Música de Federico Chopin de Varsovia.

Aguirre, Cholo,

l'Amour Tango.
Diego Toth. 0054(0)11-4766 0338

Arcos de Buenos Aires
Tango Show

Armenonville Orchestra

Astillero Tango
Buenos Aires musicians, new compositions, tango de ruptura

Astrorico Ensemble (Japan) Lyrics / Music /(Hi)story /Orchestra

Avena, Mariana singer from Buenos Aires.

Bacanal  orchestra

based in the Netherlands

Barueco, Quartetto Orchestra (Music of Piazzolla)

BelTango Quinteto
first authentic tango orchestra from Balkan based in Belgrade / Serbia. Bandoneon. piano, violin, guitar, double bass and voice. Traditional tango, Tango Nuevo and Balkan Tango Project - BALKANGO.

Orquesta La Brava
orchestra from Argentina. Site contains history, pictures, music samples, list of shows.

cuarteto tango

Canyengue, Sexteto
Orchestra (Netherlands)

Combo Tango


Diestro y siniestro
Musicians from argentina
Violin, bandoneon, piano & double bass.

El Cuarteto
Tango Quartet in Paris, contemporary and traditional tango, vals, milongas, and original compositions

Dequerusa Tango
Duo from Buenos Aires. Info, photos, mp3. Web ed: Fabio Balbarrey

Dinzel Internacional
Dance teachers / Show

Dúo De Academia  

El Estuche

El Arranque (NL) Orchestra

Esteban Jusid guitarrista

Exotic Tango Vacations: adventurous travel with teachers from Buenos Aires and groups of not more than 30. Mexico, France, Guatemala, Italy, etc.

Quinteto Fuego Lento
website with audio samples of original tangos

Funes, Pablo
Tango singer, Argentina

Gustavo Gancedo tango Septeto  Septet

Hora Cero, orchestra, Nuevo Tango (music from Astor Piazzolla)

Hyperion Ensemble
Tango Orquesta from 1992, based in Genova, Italy.
Concerts, Milongas, Shows all around the world.

Imperial, Orquesta Tipica Three bandoneones, three violins, double bass and piano. Site in Spanish, english, italian.

Libedinski, Carlos musician, leader of the NarcoTango orchestra

Lugano, Hernan  (BsAs) Tango Jazz Trio, Tango and Latin american

Los Cosos de Al Lao Orchestra. Tango Cuartet on European tour

Marili Machado
singer, guitarist, and composer, Tango and ethnic/South American music.
Various CD's, performance tour dates, photos, sample audio, video, and resume.

Milongueros Viejos dance, music, workshops. Webm/ed: Roqué Alsina

Sexteto Milonguero
Two bandoneons, two violins, piano, bass and singer playing the typical rhytm of the Milongas Porteñas.

New Tango Orquesta
(Based in Sweden) Modern tango, new arrangements.

Noche Portena (Netherlands) 4 musicians, play mainly compositions of Astor Piazzolla

676 NuevoTango  between tango and jazz. Plays Astor Piazzolla's Music and integrates own compositions to create a new style.

Nuevos Aires tango "Orquesta di tango tradicional" from Italy. Site contains photos, music, etc.

Orquesta Típica Misteriosa Buenos Aires
tour Europe news repertoire Argentina

Mundo Tango Danza Tango folklore danza cursos espectaculos. Based in Posadas, Misiones, Argentina.

La Ocasión
Dutch quartet (with singer) plays argentine tango.

Los Perros del Tango - Tango Argentino
Tango Band
concerts, events, music festivals

Las Pibas
About music and Tour.
with flutist Paulina Fain (based in Buenos Aires)

Duo Polonara-Otero
Bandoneon & guitar (based in the Netherlands)

PortoTango Ensemble.
from "guardia vieja" to contemporary pieces. Manuel Vidal, vocals / David Lloyd, violin / José© Parra, piano & keyboard / Oscar Flecha, guitar / Jorge Silva, guitar.

Edinburgh's first Orquesta Tipica, with Chilean singer Valentina Montoya Martinez. Five piece ensemble which plays mostly though not solely traditional dance tango.

Racing Club Tango
based in the Netherlands

Seccion Vermu

Sexteto Sur Orchestra

Tango Canto Dutch tango ensemble (quintet)with singer (music you can dance on)

Tango ensemble
Tango Dorado ensemble lead by Christiaan van Hemert, the Netherlands

Tango Pasion Fans' website
Tour dates, photos and goodies for the fans of Tango Pasion (not an official website)

musicians from Buenos Aires

Tango x 2
Show with Miguel Zotto, Milena Plebs a.o.

Tango y punto
Young orchestra from Mendoza, Argentina

Lyrics / Music /Show

José Luis Barreto et son ensemble, France

Tejas Tango
About dance (styles), backgrounds, videos
Music CD Video / (Hi)story / Dance teachers / Show

El Tranvía
Orchestra. Buenos Aires

Trio Tincho
Bandoneón, guitarra, contrabajo.
Tango for dancers and listeners, milonga's and parties.
the Netherlands