Tango videos (a page in the making)

Maximiliano Cristiani & Juliana Maggioli

Directed by Guillermo Grillo, Buenos Aires, 2015

Note from the Torito editor: Beautiful setting, well done professional video.
In 2015 I had the great pleasure to meet Juliana Maggioli in Amsterdam, NL. For me, dancing with her was a sensation. Her following is, although 'active',  the smoothest I ever experienced, very sensual and her adornos are of course always inspired by the music (or is the music inspired by her?). In her classes she makes the students think about what makes them dance tango and about the intention of any particular move, gesture, embellishment.

Lorena Ermocida & Fabian Peralta

Recorded by Jetuelle, April 7th, 2012, Amsterdam

Note from the Torito editor: In November 2002, at my first night ever in a Buenos Aires milonga I was thrilled to see a performance of Lorena and her former partner Osvaldo Zotto. For Lorena there's no such thing as 'just following'. As you can see also in this video, she's a very active contributor to the creation of the dance.

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Juan Manuel & Liza ('Los Rosales')

Recorded by Rodolfo Vejar, November 2015, Amsterdam

Note from the Torito editor: aren't we lucky, here in Amsterdam?
So delicate, and to the music!
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